Measure twice, cut once.

My favorite subject

My name's Niels Timmermans, an designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. I like to do things neatly, thoroughly, and I like cutting to the chase. I like designing things that work instead of blindly following trends, and I do it with a personal touch. 

Design should be engaging, and a lot of fun. It should turn boring things into wonderful things. It should make things better. Above all things, that's my goal: to leave things in a better place than I found them.

I graduated with honors from the Sint Lucas Antwerpen campus of the KdG College, with a Master's Degree in Visual Arts. During my time there, I worked with visual media, illustration, typography, 3D sculpture and a variety of "traditional" expressive media. I also received a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design there.

My fascination with arts and design goes back further, however. I studied visual arts in high school as well, with paintings, stencil art and typography as my strong suits. Before that, I drew in my school books. A lot. What can I say? Chemistry made me think of dragons.

I've been an independent designer since 2011, and have been taking on projects for various clients ever since. I'm mainly active in the fields of print design and typography, but my skills allow me to be of use in the fields of digital design, product development and user interface development as well.

In my personal life, I've been happily together with my wonderful girlfriend for over 10 years now. We want a dog. I'm also a musician and gamer — but who isn't, these days?

My younger brother and sister respectively brew indie microgames and draw for a living.


When they are king I will be first against the wall.

When they are king I will be first against the wall.